Our Story

Our Story

Since 1999 Hotlunch.com has been the leading nationwide provider of lunch ordering software. With hundreds of loyal clients across North America, Hotlunch.com works with public, private, parochial and charter schools of all sizes. We provide schools, food service providers and offices with cutting edge technology at a very affordable price to help manage and automate lunch programs.


From humble beginnings, Hotlunch.com was created to solve a problem for a local school in Redondo Beach, California. As parents ourselves, we had experienced firsthand the problems of trying to tediously collate hand written order sheets, and tally checks. Primarily to help the school, and save our family sanity, we asked our developers to create a simple online solution for processing our child’s orders, and thus Hotlunch.com was born.


Today we have a dedicated sales and engineering team working year-round on our software. Our flexible platform lets you customize the site to fit your business needs. With Hotlunch.com you can easily create menus and administer orders in minutes. We believe in not only saving you time on order processing but also saving you money, with hotlunch.com there are no transactional service fee’s. Ensuring that the money you make is the money you keep.


Our goal at Hotlunch.com is to simplify your lunch and ordering process so you can focus more on what you do best. We are continuously working to bring a smile and some peace of mind to lunch administrators the world over.

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