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USA SCHOOL LUNCH can assist food service providers with managing their USA School Lunch. Many food service providers manage multiple schools. With HotLunch, they can do so from one central portal. They need to accommodate for the specific needs of each student at each school. It can be a challenge to stay organized while dealing with paper forms and cash payments. By utilizing our online school lunch software, these food service providers can simply manage each USA School Lunch from their one account. Menus can be uploaded on the website to give parents and students the option of ordering their school lunch online. Our software uses accordion style menus so that it will load quickly and efficiently. Food service providers can indicate nutrition and allergy information on the online menu, making it easy for each family to choose the right hot lunch for their child. Allergies are a concern for many families. By having transparency for allergy menus on the HotLunch website, each family will be able to manage their student’s hot lunches for school online instead of through forms or individual contacts with food service providers. This makes it easy for food service providers to cater to the needs of every family who orders hot lunches for school. even has an app to help parents order and manage their student’s hot lunches for school from their smart phones at home or on the go. At, we want to make our site as easy as possible for our customers to use in order to manage their USA School Lunch. This app is a way for a simplified version of the site to be available on demand at any time.

Hot Lunches For School generates automated reports to help managers and kitchen staff anticipate for upcoming orders. These reports can be directly downloaded as a pdf, csv or sent directly to your email. By getting automated reports, food service providers can better understand which menu items are the most popular, which are not selling as quickly, and what they can do to prepare for the next day of Hot Lunches for Schools. The automated reports are completely online. This reduces unnecessary contact between staff members through paper forms. The online tool can also help you print labels to best utilize the reporting capabilities on the hot lunch software. Switching to an online management system is more important now than ever, as our online School Lunch Program can help reduce contact between school lunch staff and between students.
When students order their hot lunches for school online, they can receive their meal by simply stating their name or student ID number. Since, the meal is paid for online, they do not have to hand over forms or cash payments to staff members. This ensures the safety of students and staff, preventing the spread of germs that could be exchanged through paper forms and cash payments. To further accommodate for circumstances in which social distancing is required, the reporting system can allow hot lunches for school orders to be organized by classrooms. Food service providers can easily understand which meal belongs to which student and send the meal directly to their classroom.

The school lunch software can accommodate for many varieties in USA School Lunch. The software will be able to issue free or discounted lunches for students and families who qualify. Additionally, food service providers can utilize for food distribution activates outside of just school lunch. The software can be used for after school events, fundraisers, after school care programs, and more. After hours reports and an easy to use system makes it easy for food service providers and parents to utilize the software for any type of food distribution program at school. In many cases, the system will be able to run after hours or automated reports to assure that any last-minute orders can be accommodated for.
Food Service providers can customize their Hot Lunch portal to best fit with their individual USA School Lunch. This makes it even easier to manage multiple campuses on the online school lunch website. While customizing your site, you can separate access for vendors, finance and staff. The software makes it easy for you to customize the site with logos, different fonts and colors. can comply with multiple different payment gateways and can be connected to more than one bank account. You can also apply late fees and convenience fees to your website. By paying for student’s hot lunch for school through the online ordering system, students do not need to bring cash or payment forms to school. They simply will give their information to the food service provider, and everything will have already been taken care of prior to the student’s arrival to the lunch line. This lessens the wait time for students to get their lunch and the time each student spends at the counter. Utilizing an online system allows for the USA School Lunch process to be more efficient for everyone involved: parents, food service providers, and students. Additionally, our site has the capability for users to generate advertising revenue by promoting local business.

In order to best manage your school lunch service, we have provided email templates to be accessed by users of This allows you to easily communicate with parents and staff in an organized and efficient. There is a library of pre-configured email templates for users to choose from set up for notifications and reminders to send to parents or staff. The system makes it as easy as possible to manage multiple schools and multiple students in an automated manner, while still providing good service to families and staff.

At we offer resources to make your USA School Lunch automated and simple to manage. In order to ensure the ease of your USA School Lunch, we offer an informative support portal with videos and articles to help administrators navigate the site and troubleshoot any challenge they may have with the online system. Our support team is also proactive when helping administrators navigate through the system when needed.

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