Make your school lunches less work and more fun!

Saving you time and money


Online software made to fit your needs


Create ordering menus in minutes using our quick creation tools. Provide a sample menu for customers to view before they order.


Provide nutritional and allergy information to your menus, keeping parents better informed. Menu Items can be sourced from multiple vendors. Items sized and priced small, medium or large.


Provide free and reduced lunch programs. After hours menu for your late order customers and your school’s special events, after school care and fundraisers.


Detailed reports for your kitchen, food service providers, delivery routes, schools, grades, finance, banking and volunteering all available on the site. Go paperless, reports are available by email, PDF and CSV for integration into your accounting system.


Manage multiple campuses on the site. Separate access for vendors, finance and staff. Customize the site with logos and colors. Format changes of fonts etc.


Compatible with multiple payment gateways and can be connected to more than one bank account. You can also apply late and convenience fees to your menus.


Generate advertising revenue by promoting local business.

Email Templates

Choose from a library of pre-configured email templates for notifications and reminders.


Strong support portal with videos and articles to help administrators. Our support team is available to help guide administrators through the system.